5 Steps Towards A Fitness Journey With Longevity


Something has definitely motivated you to begin or progress your fitness journey, you wouldn’t be reading this otherwise. Your next steps are key to staying on your journey – here are a few tips that I hope will help.

Plan, Proceed and Push Your Limits

Make sure you set goals, a planned approach to your fitness journey means you’re more likely to stick with it. Your goals don’t need to be complex – simplicity is your friend.

Being able to do a full push-up or going from bodyweight to barbell squats are two examples of goals you may have, achieving these goals will motivate you to set more. The key is to always aim for improvement with your movement. Your goals may become more complex as you become more confident in your workouts.

Proceed to find the right gym for you – I bet all your local gyms offer free trials. You’ll get a free workout and feel of the gym environment and its staff. Some gyms offer a free workout plan as part of a complimentary induction.

If you would rather work with a fitness trainer in a group/one-to-one setting, have a look online or on social media to see what is available in your local/work area. Pick your training method and push your limits.

Box Jump Exercise
Meghan Holmes (Unsplash)

Set Goals With a Positive Mindset

It’s better to set goals with a positive mindset. Avoid fitness goals that are based on how you look such as weight-loss, having better legs or a flat stomach. Factors like this may be what made you join a gym but setting goals based on what you want to accomplish during your workout is much more favourable. Above all, keep the challenge suitable for and relevant to you.

Rather than aiming to lose weight, aim to push harder next time you do cardio. Rather than saying you want better legs, aim to squat with a heavier weight next time you workout. Rather than focussing on having a flat stomach, think about how good you will feel if you begin eating a little healthier.

Do a little more than you planned to, if you feel you can. This is the ultimate indication that you are becoming fitter, stronger and more conditioned to your workout.

Not Ready for the Gym? Just Move!

Group Of Friends Dancing
Cflgroup Media (Pexels)

There’s no right or wrong way (safety is key). Time spent dancing in front of the mirror to your favourite songs or at a party can double as a great workout and stress relief. Take the dog for a walk, run around the park with the kids or drop a £1m cheque on a windy day and chase it. Alright, I’m being silly now but the point is to just move. Make your heart pump a little faster and get your muscles moving.

Be Forgiving and Trust the Process

On some days, you might find every reason to not go to the gym or wonder why you booked that class. Don’t penalise yourself when this happens, just figure out methods to help you out of the fitness funk. You can substitute your normal workout for something a little different. A run or walk through your favourite park or a fun day of family activities can provide more than a sufficient workout. Play tennis, squash, badminton, go trampolining!

Think about the feeling of accomplishment you get after smashing a challenging workout. Be forgiving of yourself even when you do miss days but trust the process and don’t forget it is a process, when you’re ready dust yourself off and continue.

Training with friends can help you stay motivated. Focus on the great mental benefits you get from fitness and not just on how you think you should look.

Partner plank exercise
Photo: Luis Quintero (Pexels)

Make the Journey a Mindset

You will find plenty of tips that will help you on your fitness journey but your mind is the most important tool. Your mental discipline is what will get you to the gym, that class, through that last set, through that last rep and to your results.

It will take determination and mental strength. On some days your mind, like your body, needs a break. Trust the process and be kind to yourself. Mind over matter and keep going – you’re doing great!

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