Ready, Set… SMART Goals, Go!

Need Some Help Setting SMART Fitness Goals? Here Are Some Examples

Avoid weigh-ins and body measurements as a way of measuring your goals, depending on your training goals, these things are relative. Consider focussing on action-oriented measurables to assess whether you’re on track.

SMART goals can be very detailed if you choose but remember simplicity is the best place to start. Take a look at these straightforward examples, below.

Woman performs barbell squat
Photo: Li Sun (Pexels)

In This Scenario You’ve Chosen to Join a Gym…

⁃ Strengthen and condition legs.

⁃ Progression from bodyweight to barbell squats.
⁃ Completing Power Pump class (squat set) with increasing ease.
⁃ Increasing weight in Power Pump class.
⁃ Reaching 20kg goal

⁃ Learn how to perform a bodyweight squat with correct form and keep note of reps (short-term goal).
⁃ Start attending Power Pump Class once or twice a week (medium-term goal).
⁃ Increase squat weight during Power Pump class (new short-term goal).
⁃ Attend spin class once a week in addition to Power Pump classes (new medium-term goal).
⁃ Perform 20kg barbell squat (4 sets, 10 reps) with ease (long-term goal).

⁃ Check the class schedule at your gym, are there two Power Pump sessions you can commit to attending regularly.
⁃ Squat is one of the most common movement patterns and very relevant to building leg strength.
⁃ Spin classes work your legs and will help with your long-term goal.

⁃ How long do you need to conquer bodyweight squat with correct form? 1-2 weeks.
⁃ Start attending Power Pump class once a week, by week 3 of training.
⁃ Attend Power Pump class twice a week, by week 4 of training.
⁃ Increase squat weight in Power Pump class, by week 6 of training.
⁃ Attempt to squat 20kg (4 sets, 6 reps), by Week 9 of training. Have you achieved your goal?

What Goals Might You Set if Training at Home?

⁃ Improve cardiovascular fitness to have more energy for physical activities with your children.

⁃ Your fitness DVD workout is becoming easier to complete.
⁃ You are choosing intermediate/advanced options.
⁃ You are able to better keep up with your child during their favourite physical activity e.g. football, climbing.
⁃ You feel less out of breath after running around the park with your children.

⁃ Aim to complete DVD workout twice a week (short-term goal).
⁃ Complete DVD workout three times a week (medium-term goal).
⁃ Begin taking intermediate options (new short-term goal).
⁃ Complete DVD three times a week, choosing intermediate or advanced options (long-term goal).

⁃ When can you commit to completing DVD workout.
⁃ Can you commit to completing it three times a week?
⁃ Choose a DVD workout that provides adequate cardiovascular challenge.

⁃ Complete DVD workout three times a week, by week 4 of training.
⁃ Workout using only intermediate options, by week 8 of training.
⁃ Workout using only intermediate/advanced options, by week 10 of training.

Home Fitness Equipment
Photo: Rob9040 (Pixabay)

The Journey Isn’t Over Now!

So you’ve achieved your long term goal – you did amazing! Don’t stop there! Apply the same SMART principles to new goals. Now you are fitter, healthier and in the swing of things you are mastering your physical potential so it’s time to raise the stakes and push your limits.

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