Exercise: Lateral Squat Jump 2x w/ Burpee

Add This High-Impact Combo Exercise to One of Your Workouts

Scroll to the bottom of the post for the video if you’d like to jump straight into it. Make sure you are sufficiently warm.

If you’re a beginner, please read before you proceed! Start with the low impact version and progress.

If you have any medical conditions or injuries, please consult your medical professional before making any changes to your physical acitivty.

Why This Exercise?

I like high impact work, probably beacuse I like to jump around a lot. Seriously though, I love the cardio challenge.

By adding layers of complexity, such as two parts to an exercise or working to music, you increase the demand placed on your motor skills. This exercise will specifically challenge your agility and coordination.

You are – of course – working my favourite component of fitness… ta da! Motor skills are the best! Like you didn’t know. I go on about it enough.

Let’s get into the exercise…

Exercise Lateral Squat Jump 2x w: Burpee (gif) 5thlens.fitness
Lateral Squat Jump 2x w/ Burpee

Exercise: Lateral Squat Jump 2x w/ Burpee

Part 1: Lateral Jump Squats 2x
– Start in a slight squat, with a narrow stance – feet close together.
– Keeping your core tight, jump both feet out to the side and and quickly back in again, complete this twice.
Remember: Keep your core and glutes engaged throughout the movement and push through your heels as you jump.

Part 2: Burpee
– In a controlled manner, reach both hands towards the floor and quickly jump both feet behind you, landing in a plank position
– Quickly jump your feet back in towards your chest, swiftly returning to a standing position and complete the exercise with a jump, do this once.
Remember: Keep a tight core and good form as you jump back into the high plank position, avoid letting your hips drop. Always try to land softly when jumping.

So That’s Two Lateral Squat Jumps Into One Burpee… (Video Below)

…And repeat.

Add this to one of your current workouts and have a quick go of the challenge in the video description, below.

Remember to swipe on the video and pick the option that suits you best – high or low impact.

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